TRAGER® Method: Gentle movements, deep well-being

My approach:


    • Individual care in a calm atmosphere.

    • Sessions tailored to your personal needs.

Each picture in my gallery tells a story of relaxation and well-being. They show the gentle bodywork of the Trager® method, which harmonizes movement and touch and conveys a feeling of lightness.

Experience the freedom and balance that comes from our gentle touch.

Feel the wave movement spreading through the body and promoting deep relaxation. Discover the quality of touch that creates a respectful dialogue between me and you.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Trager® Method, where each session is a journey to greater well-being.

Harmony in pictures


Head rollers

Length for the arm


Length for the legs


Playing with the head weight


Mobile shoulder


Soft neck


Free shoulder blade


Free ankle


Soft calf

Weicher Freier Nacken
Weicher freier Nacken
Spiel mit dem Kopfgewicht
Spiel mit dem Kopfgewicht
Länge für die Beine
Länge für die Arme
Langer Rücken